How does Insight Assessment support accreditation quality improvement projects?

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Most of our regional comprehensive university clients are engaged in quality improvement projects that involve the training and assessment of critical thinking and problem solving, building reasoning skills for STEM disciplines or training students’ reasoning skills for professional occupations in Business and the Health Sciences.

Validated objective proven assessments

Most of our accreditation customers use the CCTST and the corresponding undergraduate and graduate comparison percentiles, to demonstrate their achievement of learning objectives in their self-study. Others focus their quality improvement project on building personal attributes and use the CCTDI.

Comprehensive individual and group reports

Our emphasis is on delivering comprehensive and meaningful data that can be easily disseminated and applied to assist clients’ efforts to carry out specific continuous improvement plans.

Students and trainees are motivated to put genuine effort into critical thinking assessment when they know that they can receive a personal report to include in employment or academic portfolios. Using our online system, individual score reports provide immediate personal value to students for advising and placement purposes, supporting programs focused on student success.

Spreadsheets of individual scores as well as analyzed group reports can be generated by the client immediately upon data collection and periodically over time, and with the assistance of our support staff, clients can easily design their data collection plan to produce individual reports for each of their departments as well as collective reports for university-level requirements.

Easy to use secure test administration options

Adoption of any one of our assessment tools includes the cost of scoring and standard reporting. Most clients administer assessments through our secure app-based online testing system, but some prefer paper and pencil administration.

We would be happy to talk with you about your project, to provide additional information about instrument selection and setting goals for your assessment project.

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