How do you ensure individual test taker data is protected?

Cyber security starts with good critical thinking skills
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We understand your concern to protect test-taker privacy.  We do not share client lists, or any collected client or test-taker data, with any other entity. Our database is used anonymously to study response rates and to create normative score information.

We maintain the strictest possible data security practices, recognizing the importance of this practice for our clients and the people that they assess.  To access further information about our Privacy, Data Security, Use Licensure, Instrument Protection and other Policies and Notices

Our system options allow the client to control the collection of demographic or identifying data. Our system does not require the collection of any demographic or identifying data, and when this is appropriate to the goals of the client, testing can be entirely anonymous. More typically, however, linking scores to some identifier increases the value of the assessment scores by allowing increased interpretation or more varied analyses.

At the client’s preference, our system can collect standard demographic variables and ten customizable variables input by the client which permit the generation of reports based on these variables (no cost for report generation). Further information about reporting. But we are also happy to remove the demographic profile variables completely or in part.

We recommend that if privacy is an absolute concern, you consider the option of providing each test taker with a unique identifier, known to you, so that the scores can be integrated offline with other key variables of interest to the School.  In this case you will be able to integrate the Excel spreadsheet reports with your campus variables and conduct your planned analyses offline.

One thing to be aware of in this regard: We have indicated that we can make the individual student results available to them at your option at the completion of their assessment (provide an individual report to the student). This option would only be available to you if you retain the email address in the demographic profile, as this variable is used to create the report and make it possible for the student to send the report by email to any address they prefer.

Please contact us if you have further questions

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