How do we specify goals for a successful QEP?

Insight Assessment report graphic showing range of Overall Critical Thinking Scores for 14 employees. Superior, Strong, Moderate and Not Manifested Skills are highlighted

Specifying goals for your Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) is best done by obtaining some baseline data for your student group. This will allow you to target particular skills or habits of mind in the following years of the QEP project. Even so, it will be important to set realistic goals for your QEP.  All of the following would be reasonable approaches to your QEP outcomes assessment in critical thinking.

  1. Demonstrate the attainment of a mean critical thinking skills score for your assessed students that compares favorably to  the appropriate national norm comparison group,
  2. Demonstrate the attainment of a mean critical thinking skills score for your assessed students that significantly improves over time (pretest/post test comparison for individuals and groups).
  3. Demonstrate support for learning by documenting that students who initially score in the deficient range now demonstrate moderate critical thinking skill sufficient to benefit from programs of post secondary education.
  4. For Honors Programs Assessment: Demonstrate the attainment of an increasing proportion of students with superior strength in critical thinking skills and disposition.
  5. General education goal: Demonstrate the attainment of a mean dispositional profile that is indicative of the habits of mind needed for strength in critical thinking.

For further information see: How do we create a SACS QEP competency for critical thinking?

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Many colleges, universities and technical schools rely on our assessments because they deliver high quality individual and group reports benchmarked against national comparison group percentiles based on institutional type.

Our mission at Insight Assessment is to assist educational institutions to achieve their goals for student learning. Test adoption includes a staff consultation to assist you in developing attainable QEP goals that will have measurable benefits for your students.

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