How do INSIGHT clients use individual employee thinking data?

Hand holding a phone with the image of a histogram showing critical thinking group scores labelled "How Strong Are My People"
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Well-made decisions are needed at all levels of an organization.  Strong thinking skills predict professional success. Each INSIGHT assessment provides individual scores and group reports for both reasoning skills and thinking mindset.

How business clients use INSIGHT individual employee reports:

As part of their hiring processes:

    • Screen candidates for specific strengths and weaknesses in essential business thinking skills (such as analyzing problems, evaluating options, predicting consequences, managing uncertainty, reasoning in precise/ambiguous contexts)
    • Understand the personal mindset they bring to problem solving at work (such as work ethic, job commitment, honesty, focus)
    • Bring in only the best candidates for time-consuming interviews
    • Predict successful training for transitions to new jobs
    • benchmark overall scores of candidates against other employees, or other candidates.

As part of annual evaluations of current employees

    • Identify fast learners with the thinking skills and motivation to benefit from a training program
    • Develop individual professional development plans focusing on thinking components that are identified as needing improvement
    • Use reports of strengths and weaknesses as supervision tools to enhance employee career development
    • Match employee skills and talents objectively to job responsibilities

To incorporate skill and attribute strength areas of best workers into job descriptions


To build a work culture that values and rewards good thinking


To set high thinking standards at all levels for readiness to solve problems and make good decisions in a constantly changing world.


Our clients find immediate value from the implementation of an employee thinking assessment program.

Contact us to start hiring for stronger skills.


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