How do INSIGHT business clients use group thinking metrics?

Insight Assessment report graphic showing range of Overall Critical Thinking Scores for 14 employees. Superior, Strong, Moderate and Not Manifested Skills are highlighted
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Identify your best thinkers

INSIGHT Business assessment solutions target the comprehensive individual and/or group metrics companies need to improve the effectiveness of their staff.


Examples of how INSIGHT business clients use group thinking data:


To assess commitment, drive and morale by gathering collective diagnostics

  • Understand overall internal strengths and weakness of the thinking skills and mindset at various decision making levels,
  • Obtain internal and/or external comparisons to workers with similar responsibilities

To improve team and departmental performance and efficiency

  • Identify strengths needed to optimize teams and improve operational efficiencies
  • Prevent loss and limit liability with focused efforts to minimize error in judgment
  • Maximize team building by targeting training on improving strengths or correcting identified weaknesses
  • Build teams with the range of strengths and skills required to work well together
  • Relate continuous improvement and employee engagement programs to the improvement of decision making

To create effective training programs

  • Evaluate the need for professional development initiatives to decrease reasoning errors and improve high stakes decisions throughout the organization
  • Guide human resource trainers in the preparation of educational efforts to focus on the identified needs of their personnel.
  • Maximize training dollars with the knowledge that new and current employees are able and motivated to benefit from the planned training program.
  • Scaffold employee development programs and improve their effectiveness.

To evaluate success of training programs

  •  Optimize training resources and increase effectiveness by focusing on individuals with training potential
  •  Evaluate effectiveness of curriculum: did employees demonstrate gains after the training

To support succession and talent development programs

To incorporate skill and attribute strength areas of best workers into job descriptions


To build a work culture that values and rewards good thinking


To set high thinking standards for readiness at all levels of a business.


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