How do I know which Insight Assessment test is best for my needs?

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The first decision is whether you want to test for strength in thinking skills or measure the dispositions and mindset attributes associated with great critical thinkers. The choice of the instrument will depend on the age and educational level of the intended test takers.

For educational institutions:

  • To assess thinking skills
    • Adults in college or with a college or graduate level education are tested with one of the California Critical Thinking Skills tests. These range from the college level CCTST to the genius level CCT-G835 measure of cognitive ability.
    • High School, community college and adult workers are tested with the Test of Everyday Reasoning (TER)
    • Elementary and Middle School age children are tested with our EDUCATE INSIGHT Reasoning Skills assessments.
    • Professional schools use specialized assessments calibrated for students in Business, Law, the Health Sciences, and the Military programs.
  • To assess critical thinking habits of mind–the willingness to use critical thinking skills:

For professional and business uses:

For a full guide to Insight Assessment test products, see our Product Selection page.

Contact us. Our testing specialists and research staff will help you identify the optimal test for your test takers.

How to choose a thinking assessment

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