How can I use pretest-posttest assessment data?

Sample report image showing pre and post test performance on the Maturity of Judgment scale
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With a well designed pretest-posttest program, data can be used to follow a targeted group of students or track the overall growth of cohorts of students to assess the long term and/or short term impact of curriculum and programs.

  • Outcomes Assessment – Example: track groups over time in relationship to a focused effort to improve an educational program. Compare entry scores, perhaps gathered as a new cohort assessment, with exit scores to determine how well students have improved overall. Compare the national norm percentiles of students and trainees entering your programs with those exiting the programs. Follow the growth in overall mean scores and the proportion of test takers in each recommended performance assessment level (critical thinking skills are strong, moderate or weak/not manifested) at the completion of the training program. This statistical evidence of value added to  groups and individuals is widely used in accreditation and other performance based funding reports to document progress in attaining student learning goals.
  • Demonstrating the Quality of an Educational or Training Program – Example: Use a new cohort assessment in conjunction with an outcomes assessment measure to determine the magnitude of the new or current training programs effects on building critical thinking skills. This type of assessment is needed when agencies depend on the demonstration of quality to maintain funding or support for their programs. Other agencies seek to demonstrate quality in the training of critical thinking as a measure of their value to the community and to society at large.
  • Individual personal development – deliver tangible evidence of success in personal development programs by offering students/trainees a comprehensive individual report of their gains over time.

Insight Assessment provides a comprehensive array of proven validated critical thinking assessments; our individual and group reports provide reliable objective data for measuring changes in thinking.

INSIGHT Development Program includes assessment and critical thinking training modules can be integrated into your training programs or can be implemented as new initiative.

Contact us to discuss the ways Insight Assessment can help you get the high quality, validated pretest posttest data you need.

For further information about Pretest Posttest assessment design.

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