How can I start improving thinking and work ethic in my company?

The words Better Results on blue graph showing an upward trend cause by better decision-making

Congratulations on making a commitment to improving thinking skills and mindset attributes in your company.

The quality of your employee thinking skills and mindset is the factor that most impacts your company (and employee) success.

Improving the quality of decision-making at your company will require objective assessment and targeted training.

Set a firm foundation for improvement efforts with objective data. 

Your initiative should start with objective data about the actual skills and mindset attributes employees bring to their daily tasks and also provide way to improve those skills.

Before you implement an assessment program, set goals such as:

  • Identify current employees who have the strongest problem-solving skills, work ethic and motivation.
  • Understand the limitations of your weakest links.
  • Make sure every new hire can demonstrate superior skills and or thinking mindset.
  • Provide reports so current employees will gain understanding of their strengths and weaknesses in specific targeted components of good decision-making.
  • Target resources where they are most needed and incentivize targeted improvements.
  • Focus team building and professional development programs on specific weaknesses.
  • Recognize and reward team strengths and gains.

Use individual and group assessment data to customize training, internal support, incentive plans, retention programs and other employee engagement resource programs.

  • Objective individual reports can be used to guide supervision, training and personalized professional development recommendations
  • Group reports can be used to identify areas for improvement within teams.
  • After training has been provided, consider doing post-training tests to assess the effectiveness of the training. Have skills improved?

Insight Assessment provides tools to improve thinking at your company. We have identified core reasoning skills and mindset attributes that are necessary for high stakes decision making in the business world.

INSIGHT Development Program offers a series of online thinking skills and mindset enrichment modules with accompanying exercises, access to an assessment metric and performance reporting tools.

INSIGHT assessments provide objective measurements of employee strengths and weaknesses in 15 key cognitive skills and personal mindset attributes.  These customized assessments are calibrated to measure multiple responsibility levels in the Business, Health Care, Science and Engineering, First ResponderLegal/Government, Defense and Education fields.

Contact us to discuss how INSIGHT Development Program or INSIGHT assessments can be integrated into your current professional development program or implemented as a new initiative.

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