How can I provide my IRB with a view of the test I’m using?

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There is a special process to help you with this IRB request. Two online previews of the test instrument and a PDF copy of the Test Manual are included with the purchase of an instrument preview pack. You can make arrangements for authorized members of a review committee or IRB panel to use one of these previews to view the test in its entirety through our encrypted on-line e-testing system. We will provide special login/passwords for that purpose. If the IRB requires additional online previews, they can be purchased at the current research discount price. You will be charged for the number of views of the instrument which are used.

Tests may not be scanned, nor may they be transmitted electronically by any party. Caution the reviewers that they are expected to protect the instrument from unauthorized distribution.

Doctoral students should also tell these committees that they must approve the instrument in its totality, as there is no possibility of editing or deleting individual questions or test items.

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