How can I choose the best test for health science students or for practitioners?

Medical Students

Insight Assessment offers a comprehensive array of test instruments calibrated for students and practitioners in health care.

These research-based, validated assessments are:

1) calibrated to measure and provide metrics for the skills and/or mindset attributes required for success (at the test-takers’ targeted levels of responsibility).

2) designed to provide the data that predicts licensure, aids admissions and supports hiring.

3) easy to administer and available online.  Individual and group results are sent within minutes of assessment completion.

4) able to benchmark your program goals through the comparison of percentile rankings for thinking skill sets.

Assessments for Health Science Professionals and Students


New:  100% online professional development Mini-Courses:  Mindset Boosters, Skill Builders, and Deep Dives focused on specific aspects of human reasoning, critical thinking skills and attributes, decision-making, and leadership. 100% online. Mini-courses are available for individuals to purchase directly from our Store at Insight Basecamp and they are available to organizations at discounted bulk purchase rates.

For further information on these instruments contact one of our testing specialists.  We will assist you in deterring which is the optimal instrument, along with the right benchmark comparison percentiles, for the individuals whom you plan to assess, whether working professionals, students, or applicants.




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