How can I build my dream team at work?

Hiring the best thinkers pays off in business success

How do you build your dream team?

  • Learn from your best: Start by measuring the skills and mindsets of your high performers; find out what makes them excel. Once you identify the core characteristics that you need throughout your organization, you can establish benchmarks for hiring and talent development.
  • Then hire confidently & strategically; take the guesswork out of interviewing by using INSIGHT Business to prescreen candidates, avoiding candidates who don’t measure up to your standards. You can then interview the people who have the greatest potential to add value to your team.
  • Align your hiring and talent development programs: Assess current teams—get the data about strengths and weaknesses of your staff so that you can target specific professional development programs to foster the skills/mindset required to increase team performance.

You know who your most talented and highly performing employees are. Good thinkers produce more revenue, anticipate client needs, make fewer errors and drive the growth of your company.

Wouldn’t it be valuable to consistently know how your most talented and high achieving employees apply their problem-solving skills so that you can target that same set of thinking skills and mindset in all your employees? INSIGHT is the efficient, and easy- to- use tool that provides detailed assessments of the essential workplace thinking skills and business mindset characteristics that set high performers apart. Based on 30 years of research and corporate experience, the INSIGHT series of assessments is calibrated to provide specific objective metrics on the strengths and weaknesses of problem solving skills required for professional success at multiple levels of responsibility.  INSIGHT adds the power of an online assessment to your recruitment and training programs; results are available anywhere in the world within minutes of assessment.

Don’t risk hiring anyone who doesn’t have the skills and drive to excel. Make INSIGHT Business a key tool in your hiring and talent development programs so you can start raising all staff productivity, efficiency and commitment to the level of your best performers.

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