How are Insight Assessment test instruments validated?

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At Insight Assessment we take the measurement of reasoning skills and mindset very seriously. Our products measuring reasoning skills and mindset has been studied in a variety of populations and contexts over the past 30 years. In each case, items/scales are piloted in target samples and validated in replicated studies (trainees, students, employees, military personnel, K-12 students, health professionals, and the general population) to assure the performance of the assessments in the intended population.

Likert style items that measure mindset are grouped in scales with demonstrated validity and reliability and are tested against social desirability bias and cultural bias. Multiple choice items that measure reasoning skills are the result of an item pool tested over a 40 year period to define item difficulty and scale membership. Test validation studies assure that there is no score bias in relationship to biological factors such as gender or race. Individuals who have developed critical thinking skills, even in the absence of formal education, can demonstrate their skills when assessed with any of the critical thinking skills instruments

Built on a growing science of the measurement of human decision-making, each instrument has been psychometrically evaluated in collaboration with researchers, educators, trainers and working professionals, to assure cultural and language competence in the intended test taker group.  Validity and reliability coefficients meet the highest standards for all instruments.

Measurement science provides clear evidence that higher-order cognitive skills, such as critical thinking, can be measured validly and reliably by well-crafted multiple choice items. Insight Assessment’s researcher led instrument development program, which began in the 1970s, has demonstrated instrument performance. Our customers rely on this quality in hundreds of independent research studies carried out by researchers and educators throughout the world.

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