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Colleges choose Insight Assessment for superior critical thinking tests, meaningful benchnarking, flexible testing options and metrics for admissions, retention & accreditation
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Critical thinking is a vital cross-disciplinary learning outcome needed by Honors Students and others in Selective Admissions Programs. Regardless of the focus of the program, developing thinking skills and mindset attributes is a common denominator for faculty and academically motivated students. Well calibrated assessments are critical to admissions and the demonstration of educational effectiveness.

Every seat counts when it comes to serving high achieving students and those who desire entry into highly impacted programs. Research-based, valid and reliable, industry leading critical thinking assessments enable faculty to select worthy applicants, and document students’ gains in critical thinking as evidence of curriculum effectiveness on program review.

These assessments include:

Insight Assessment provides you with the opportunity to assess your students on the same key critical thinking skills and mindset attributes now valued by government agencies, private employers, search firms, graduate schools, and hiring consultants.  Our  critical thinking assessments are offered online with a wide range of flexible administration options. If you would like to discuss your testing needs or to learn more about our products, please use the Contact Us Form below.

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