Holistic Thinking Metrics: Skills and Mindset

Assessing thinking should be a multi-dimensional process.   A holistic measurement includes both the thinking skills and the thinking mindset that disposes individuals to actually apply those skills. Together the resulting metrics provide objective evidence of how an individual will perform in situations requiring problem solving and decision making abilities. 

A measure of overall thinking skills should reflect core reasoning processes. Strong thinkers are able to analyze problems, evaluate options, anticipate consequences, manage risk and uncertainty, and apply numerical data.  These skills are necessary every day in the work place, boardroom and classroom.

The thinking mindset is the product of the interaction of key attributes and mental disciplines.   Strong thinkers demonstrate commitment, honesty, professionalism, tolerance, motivation, resourcefulness, focus, foresight and innovation.  These habits of mind are essential characteristics of strong team members, fast learners and of those who are motivated to succeed and grow.

Measuring skills without understanding the associated mindset provides incomplete input on how individuals will perform in real-time situations. Strong thinkers must be willing as well as able to think well. Some people fail to think well because they lack strong mental habits that encourage the use of thinking and reasoning to solve problems. Some people have deficient skills. When both skills and mindset are measured, the resultant metrics provides insights to identify the individuals who have the discipline and skills to succeed in a new role with greater responsibilities.

Insight Assessment specializes in providing integrated metrics for both thinking skills and mindset in professional and workforce contexts. Our online assessment tools are a cost efficient way to invest in your company’s future. Many products have recently started claiming to measure more than skills, but Insight Assessment has mastered the complementary measurement of thinking skills and mental disciplines for decades.

INSIGHT products deliver objective, reliable, statistically valid individual reports about the specific strengths and weaknesses in the skills and motivation needed by employees, departments, divisions and leadership in their current and future responsibilities. Categorical strengths for overall and 15 essential components of thinking are reported; a description of how each reasoning skill and habit of mind impacts job performance is given for each of the rated skills.  Within minutes of assessment you’ll have real insight into the capabilities and potential of each individual staff member. Rankings within assigned groups or against national norms can be provided in our group reports.

Insight Assessment provides the reports you need to establish strong reasoning skills and mindset as a requirement for all positions in your organization. Contact us to get started. 

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