Hiring the Best Thinkers

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Decision-making skills determine business success

Every day, at all levels of every business, employees make decisions and are asked to solve problems.  Those cumulative decisions have a direct impact on bottom line.

Imagine the impact if

  • Decisions were data-driven;
  • Long-term and short-term outcomes were equally valued;
  • Problems were correctly identified;
  • Opportunities were anticipated;
  • Critical factors were evaluated thoroughly;
  • Risks were objectively analyzed;
  • All reasonable options were thoughtfully compared;
  • Strong problem-solving skills were highly valued throughout the organization;
  • Employees regularly contributed practical and affordable suggestions;
  • Employees were committed to excellence and to the success of the organization.

Every hiring decision is high stakes.

To build a workforce capable of these kinds of contributions employers hire people with the core reasoning skills and thinking mindset to solve problems effectively and to make decisions sensibly.  In the end, your success depends on the work ethic and the thinking skills of the employees at every level of your organization.

Hire the Best Thinkers for the Best Results

The quality of a company’s products and services depends on the quality of the thinking skills of its employees.

INSIGHT Business Professional provides a powerful, cost-effective way to measure the thinking skills of current employees and prospective new hires.

Individual Reports provide comprehensive objective metrics on the candidate’s reasoning skills, reporting categorical strengths and the indicators of the habits of mind associated with strong thinking skills.

INSIGHT Development Program presents an online suite of proven training modules designed to improve employee thinking.

INSIGHT business solutions will help you identify and develop the top talent in a competitive market.


Bad decisions cost you money every day. Contact us to learn how to improve the quality of decision-making skills in your company.

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