Hiring Firms Profit from Thinking Metrics

INSIGHT Business Critical Thinking Tools

Strong thinking skills and mindset differentiate employees who add profits to the company from those who are costing the company money

Consulting and placement firms increase their placement rates by presenting candidates who have the added value of objective credentials quantifying their strength in thinking. Critical thinking is an important talent differentiator in employee selection programs. Good thinkers are effective problem solvers, make well-reasoned decisions—and fewer mistakes—so businesses can grow and succeed.

Good thinking pays off throughout the business world. Businesses who provide services in personnel and human resource staffing can increase performance and retention statistics by presenting credentialed candidates.

Clients value the quality assurance provided by placing proven strong thinkers and fast learners who are motivated to succeed.

INSIGHT delivers the metrics your clients need to confidently place your people, knowing that they have the skills needed to succeed.

INSIGHT provides high quality data on the strengths and weakness of the reasoning skills and thinking mindset of your candidates.

Individual reports provide metrics on 15 essential business thinking skills and attributes. This lets you provide objective evidence of a candidate’s personal attributes such as honesty and work ethic. For each individual you will receive an overall score and an explanation of key aspects of decision making—and how they impact success.   You gain valuable insights into matching employee capabilities to available responsibilities and these credentials make your candidates stand out.

INSIGHT  gives you the tools to:

  • Acquire talent using reliable, objective data that lets you be sure that you’re placing people with the precisely the right skills and mindset attributes to get the job done.
  • Enhance talent identification and placement programs by leveraging the comprehensive individual metrics on 15 key metrics that distinguish strong thinkers.
  • Strengthen strategic team building efforts with data summarizing the strengths and weaknesses within (or between) work groups.
  • Reduce the risk of underperformance by identifying candidates who lack a strong work ethic or the commitment to truthfulness
  • Assessment is easy with our 24/7 app based online administration with the option of delivery through your internal and corporate intranets.
  • Finding the right assessment is easy with INSIGHT’s comprehensive suite of business, healthcare, law, defense and education tools.

Build INSIGHT into your business strategy and your clients will build you into their staffing process.

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