Job Skills for the Future

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Invest in job skills for the future

One of the most important employee job skills for the future is the ability to learn new skills, new responsibilities and a new culture.

The sheer speed of change is transforming the way businesses must hire and develop employees.  Today, experience and expertise are simply not as important as the ability to learn a job and successfully adapt as the job changes.  The foundation for success today and into the future will be strong critical thinking, applied to problem-solving and decision-making. If a business wants to develop resilient employees able to succeed, critical thinking job skills must be prioritized

No matter how skilled an employee or candidate is, they will need to quickly learn more. They will need to be prepared and eager to learn throughout their career.

Critical thinking and employee learning

Learning and critical thinking skills are interdependent.  If employees can’t learn, they won’t be able to make good decisions.  They won’t be the employees who can build future success.

Learning requires the interpretation and integration of new knowledge and, then, its practical and appropriate application. Individuals with a strong critical thinking mindset have the consistent internal motivation to engage problems and make decisions by applying their reasoning skill.

Strong critical thinkers problem-solve in a focused, systematic thoughtful and sustained manner.  They apply analytical and interpretive thinking. They draw reasonable and logical inferences from new and existing information. After evaluation and decision-making, they can explain the quality of reasons and arguments.

Critical thinking is one of the key skills valued by employers in all industries.  High potential talent has the capacity to think critically, communicate clearly, and solve complex problems.

Characteristics of employees with strong critical thinking:

  • have a flexible, curiosity-driven mindset;
  • see the benefits of change;
  • are motivated to learn and assume new responsibilities;
  • have the cognitive skills to learn and apply new knowledge;
  • are flexible and resilient;
  • are ready to adapt to changing situations and responsibilities;
  • have a strong commitment to succeed;
  • can collaborate and be a good team member;
  • will take an organized and systematic approach to problem solving;
  • can analyze and integrate information from a variety of sources;
  • can make faster and better informed decisions;
  • have communication skills to express the merit of their decisions;
  • have a growth mindset;
  • will continue to benefit from ongoing and cross trainings;
  • are ready to take responsibility for their learning;
  • have the highest potential for advancement.

Employees must be continually learning and learning fast. The future of work is based on agile employees and teams able to quickly apply new learning to their work responsibilities.

Reduce your risk of bad hires

Are you tired of placing people unable to succeed in their new jobs?  Do new hires leave your company because they don’t have the skills or motivation to produce results?

If you’re lucky, you figure it out quickly. If you’re not, then it costs time and money each time employees fail to master new skills or or are unable to assume new responsibilities.

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Don’t just fill the position. Develop employees for the future

Before you invest time and money into training new hires, get the data you need to ensure you are hiring only the candidates with the greatest potential to excel.

Your employees require the ability to quickly interpret current practices and policies, accurately apply protocols, and evaluate their effectiveness within their scope of work.  Your business depends on employees who will be able to learn and grow in their responsibilities.

Critical thinking assessments are a powerful tool in identifying employees with these necessary lifelong learning (part of the critical thinking mindset) and critical thinking skills

Prescreen for strong critical thinking skills

Don’t waste money training new staff who aren’t motivated to learn and work–or make you money.

INSIGHT assessment tools deliver objective prescreening data to identify strong thinkers and learners.  INSIGHT Business Professional objectively measures the mindset attributes that drive individuals to persist until they get problems right and find solutions that work for your company.

INSIGHT comprehensive individual reports describe each candidate’s strengths and weaknesses in 5 key business decision skills and 10 components of the thinking mindset. Measurements are calibrated to reflect what is needed to succeed in specific industries as well as responsibility levels. Group reports are available to document team performance.

INSIGHT will identify high potential job candidates who have the ability to benefit from cross training in new skills.

Critical thinking training for employees

It is more cost-effective to upskill/reskill your existing employees than to try to find qualified candidates.

If your employees don’t demonstrate the strong critical thinking required, then it will be important to provide training to improve their skills.

You can provide skills training to prepare employees for the future.

INSIGHT Development Program delivers a comprehensive, effective, and well-established training to strengthen employee decision-making.

Proven critical thinking modules focus on the continued improvement of critical thinking skills.  Designed to be used as independent study by employees, INSIGHT Development Program can also be incorporated into existing training programs.

This training is paired with a validated INSIGHT assessment of your employees’ thinking mindset attributes and reasoning skills.  You will have the data to be able to identify your critical thinking high achievers, measure the progress of your workforce, and be able to scale and repeat your success stories.

Contact us to find out how you can integrate our easy to use, online, cost-effective tools into your Human Resources hiring and talent development processes.

Be proactive. If your employees are not skilled enough to fill the available and future jobs, then invest in the job skills your business needs.

Improving employee critical thinking can be easy

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