High Stakes Decisions in Security Services

Security professionals must perform to the highest standards both on the job and off.  They must always be prepared and ready to make high impact decisions, anticipating and reacting to risks. They must have strong problem solving skills for success in stressful and changing situations. When a mistake is made, the consequences can be enormous. Bad decisions can cost money, reputation and even lives.

Effective security professionals have keenly developed reasoning skills and the positive discipline to apply those skills when making decisions.  Necessary skills include the analysis of problems and data, evaluation of risks, interpretation of evidence, assessment of whether action is needed and the ability to clearly communicate decisions. Positive thinking habits of mind include integrity, commitment, honesty and professionalism.  

There are two ways security agencies benefit from obtaining objective measures of key reasoning skills and mental discipline:

  • Hiring. Can this prospective candidate succeed in this job?  Will they understand the rules of conduct about what behavior is expected of them both on and off duty? Do they have strong problem solving skills?  Measuring the reasoning skills of candidates as part of your screening and security clearances allows you to invest in ensuring that your staff will meet your standards in their daily responsibilities

  • Assessment of risks and potential of current work force.  Are current employees making decisions based on the values you promote? Are there patterns of misconduct or failed standards that present danger? Can current employees benefit from training? When objective measures reveal weaknesses, there are effective training and teaching techniques that can be used. Strong thinkers can become leaders in your program.

INSIGHT First Responder, calibrated for national, state, municipal or private security agencies and other public safety professionals, objectively measures the strengths and weaknesses of employee decision skills. Comprehensive individual reports document individual strengths and weaknesses on 5 essential thinking skills and 9 key mindset attributes.

Ultimately, security agencies have the responsibility of guaranteeing their employees are worthy of trust and confidence, prepared to succeed in high stakes situations with high stakes consequences. Contact Insight Assessment for further information.

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