High Schools Measure Student Thinking Gains

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Public, private and charter schools as well as international academies assess students’ critical thinking skills and attributes to obtain high quality relevant data to:

  • support increasing student achievement

  • improve students’ problem solving across the curriculum

  • help teachers meet the needs of specific learners

  • provide evidence of the achievement of accreditation mandates

  • as part of a selective admissions process.

It’s never been more important for schools and educational programs to demonstrate the quality of their educational programs.  Critical thinking has become a core competency at all levels of education and as such is increasingly important in accreditation and school improvement processes.

Statistically valid and reliable measurements are vital tools for the administrators, curriculum directors, principals and teachers who have the responsibility of developing the essential critical thinking skills of future voters, leaders, employers and workers in our country

The strength of assessment data depends directly on the quality of the measurement tools.  EDUCATE INSIGHT provides a comprehensive program of critical thinking skills and mindset assessments which have been designed and validated for use with K-12 students.  

  • EDUCATE INSIGHT Reasoning Skills 9-12 targets those reasoning skills regarded to be essential elements for an individual’s educational progress and success in everyday life and work. This assessment has been calibrated to assess critical thinking and numeracy skills in high school students (9th through 12th grades). It has been widely used since 2000 as a learning outcomes assessment measure by American and European international schools.

  • EDUCATE INSIGHT Thinking Mindset 6-12 is designed to measure the degree to which an individual is cognitively engaged and mentally motivated toward intellectual activities that involve reasoning. This assessment has been calibrated to measure the critical thinking habits of mind of students in grades 6-12.

Each EDUCATE INSIGHT test instrument provides comprehensive measurements of essential components of thinking skill or mindset. Individual and overall group statistics are designed to provide the data needed to document the achievement of critical thinking educational outcomes. Optional individual skill reports can be used by parents and teachers to target educational strategies to enrich the reasoning skills of specific students.

Multilingual Insight Assessment test instruments and reports are available worldwide in app based, browser based and paper formats so that clients can select the testing method which is most suitable for their specific test environments and needs. 

Contact us to discuss ways to use high quality critical thinking data to tailor instruction to meet individual students’ learning needs and to demonstrate the effectiveness of current curricula.

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