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Don’t waste time and human capital screening mediocre applicants to find the skills and mindset you need. There’s a more efficient option: require prescreening with Insight Assessment tools. Insight delivers hard data with the solid thinking skills and attitude metrics that enable getting right to the candidates who have the strongest talents for your business.

You only should interview, hire and promote the best thinkers in the pool. Use the INSIGHT Business Professional assessment to identify the good thinkers. Then, the time you dedicate to interviews will be worthwhile. Don’t spend time talking to people who don’t have the problem solving and decision skills required.  Choose to invest your time on the top talent who have the mindset needed to drive performance: characteristics like adaptability, commitment and focus.

  • Bonus: thinking data is also relevant and applicable to talent development decisions. You can identify and promote the strongest thinkers, fastest learners and most resourceful professionals—ready for the next step.  Group data can be used to focus training programs.

INSIGHT Business Professional is calibrated to efficiently measure and analyze the skills and mindset attributes that predict success in the workplace.  INSIGHT is easily delivered online on desktop and mobile 24/7 worldwide via our encrypted app based systems. Insight Assessment can handle assigning/administering the assessment to all candidates—and will deliver the individual reports within minutes of the conclusion of the assessment. Comprehensive reports analyze the strengths and weaknesses of each candidate’s performance on the most important job qualification: Can they think well? INSIGHT high quality proven assessments include specializations in Business, Health Care, Education, Government and Law.  

It’s that easy: make final hiring decisions using objective comparable data.  Your final decisions can be powered by the analysis of the candidates’ core thinking competencies and abilities that distinguish them from the competition. 

Informed Hiring Decisions Reduce Errors.  The decision is up to you.

Building reasoning and decision-making skills and a thinking mindset is an investment that pays off every day. 

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