Get Serious about Employee Engagement Programs

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The effectiveness of employee engagement initiatives is determined by objective metrics and relevant topics.

Engaged employees are productive employees.

Compiling employee self-reports and surveys provides a snapshot of employee feelings about their job but you really need objective data about how employees are improving the application of their skills to achieving company and personal goals.

Employee engagement programs are most effective when employees and company receive mutual benefits.

The sweet spot is to build engagement programs that target that intersection of the employee and company relationship.  Your goal is to develop employees who are involved in and enthusiastic about their work, eager to take positive action to make the company successful.

The quality of your employee thinking skills and mindset is the factor that most impacts your company (and employee) success.

  • When you hire good thinkers, it pays off in increased quality and decreased errors. When you commit to improving the quality of decision-making you’ll see that  good thinking drives success and innovation.
  • When your employees are good thinkers, they make better decisions, fewer errors and they are more productive.
  • Individuals, small and large groups make progress when they make a commitment to improving thinking skills and mindset.

Fortunately, INSIGHT provides the tools you need to incorporate the improvement of decision-making into your programs.

INSIGHT Development Program is the complete package. The self-paced online modules of INSIGHT Development target improving the core thinking skills and mindset attributes that are required for workplace success. Also included are INSIGHT assessments which  provide objective measurements of employee strengths and weaknesses in 15 key cognitive skills and personal mindset attributes.  These customized assessments are calibrated to measure multiple responsibility levels in the Business, Health Care, Science and Engineering, First ResponderLegal/Government and Defense and Education fields.

This unique combination of assessment and training modules can be a significant addition to your HR and employee engagement programs.

It’s a win/win opportunity.

  • Employees receive a positive opportunity to personally focus on self-improvement in skills valued by their employer. The training modules focus on important skills using scenarios, examples and reflective mental exercises centered on the workplace, but these skills and attributes apply to problems and decisions in all aspects of life. Employees see the personal relevance of the training and also value the opportunity to have a comprehensive analysis of their skills.
  • The company sees improvement in the quality of problem-solving and heightened awareness of the importance of a professional mindset. Assessment data can be used to evaluate the impact of engagement programs as well as for individual and group talent development.

Get your employee engagement program off to a strong start. Before you consider what employees feel about work, assess the thinking skills and personal mindset that determine how they workImplement an initiative to improve the thinking skills and mindsets (like commitment, focus and motivation) that drive employee engagement. Offer a meaningful self-paced online training opportunity that offers employees practical personal and professional benefits.

The quality of your products and services ultimately depends on the mindset and decision-making skills of your employees.  Why wait? Contact us today.


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