From What to Why–Reflective Storytelling as Context for Critical Thinking

Group of healthcare clinicians discussing patient data scans

Using Reflective Storytelling – Going from “What” to “Why”

Susan Gross Forneris & Susan Ellen Campbell, College of St. Catherine, USA

Dr. Forneris has been examining the relationship between context-based analysis of clinical cases and improved critical thinking in practice. Her clinical expertise is in rehabilitation, case management and leadership. When she trains clinical reasoning in the classroom and clinic, she always focuses on developing skill in meta-cognition. Thinking about and evaluating one’s thinking guards patients from error and protects clinicians in the workplace.

Professor Campbell coordinates post baccalaureate education at the College of St. Catherine. Together, these colleagues use what they term a “thinking nursing” approach based on the theoretical framework proposed by Carper (1978) in her papers on patterns of knowing. Their class exercises strive to include the practice of critical thinking skills to enhance connections between classroom learning and practice.

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