Education Benefits All Year from Assessment Programs

Graphic lists Academic uses for Insight Assessment student critical thinking skills and mindset data including admissions, accreditation, documenting student learning, quality improvement initiatives & Institutional effectiveness
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Assessment is not a part time job in education; assessment programs need to provide benefits year round. Targeted, objective, validated assessment data is needed to improve quality of admissionssupport student learning, demonstrate the value of educational offerings and enhance systems of institutional effectiveness.

Assessment results are only as strong as the test instruments and the data. Insight Assessment’s critical thinking and quantitative reasoning test instruments are used around the world to deliver the high quality data and reports needed. Our nationally normed comparison percentiles allow you to demonstrate the strength of your students’ critical thinking skills against external standards.

It’s not too late to implement your spring assessment program.  Now is the time to gather data for accreditation self-studies, QEP projects, outcomes assessment, funded research, and individualized student advising and retention.  Timing is key to student advising and to institutional assessment projects.

Insight Assessment can get you ready to test online in 24 hours.  Start capturing objective critical thinking skills and attributes exit data for spring graduates and plan to assess the success potential of fall term entering students.

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