Does Insight Assessment offer support to grant funded research projects?

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A commitment to support critical thinking research

Insight Assessment is committed to supporting the work of grant funded researchers, NGOs and community service agencies., and doctoral students doing dissertation research.  We recognize the importance of ongoing independent research projects which will contribute to knowledge about how to improve human reasoning and decision making.

We have provided deeply discounted pricing to qualified doctoral students engaged in dissertation research, competitive grant funded projects (e.g. NSF, NIH, DOE, NIMH, etc.) and to not-for-profit agencies doing research to improve low-income communities, non-profits rehabilitating job candidates, educators of disadvantaged children, project directors studying the effects of peace initiatives and academics studying effective teaching and learning approaches. We encourage applications for projects focusing on improvements in teaching and learning, community service projects.

Insight Assessment research pricing discounts enable using our  world class instruments to measure the critical thinking skills and mindset attributes, in many languages, well below cost.

Contact us to discuss making an application for research discount pricing.


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