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We support the development of new scholars and the expansion of our scientific understanding of critical thinking and human reasoning through dissertation research pricing.

All clients must ensure that:

  • Provisions will be made to guarantee test security.
  • Copyrights will not be violated; no copies of the test, in whole or in part, will be made.
  • Neither the tests nor the test results are sold or made available for sale or resale.
  • Tests are administered correctly, as specified in their Test Manuals.
  • Test data are analyzed and interpreted correctly, as indicated in their Test Manuals.
  • Test results are used ethically and responsibly.
    If test data to be used are data collected by a different Insight Assessment client, that client must grant permission for those data to be used by this student in this project.
  • There is appropriate review by the dissertation director / committee and the Institutional Review Board (IRB) committee

Graduate students conducting faculty supervised dissertation research who wish to apply for dissertation research pricing on the assessment services and tools offered by California Academic Press LLC must submit:

  • a completed Dissertation Research Pricing Application Form
  • a support letter from the faculty member who is the student’s project supervisor / advisor / thesis or dissertation director, and possibly
  • if the dissertation is an analysis of data collected by some other Insight Assessment client, a letter from that client assuring Insight Assessment that the client grants permission for those data to be used by this student in this project, along with any additional restrictions which the client may wish to add.
  • Faculty Supervisor’s Letter which:
    • should be on the institution’s letterhead and
    • should include the name, title, and institutional affiliation of the faculty member a statement in which the faculty member affirms that she or he is working with you or supervising or advising or directing you on the specific project for which you are purchasing testing materials,
    • the name of the project, or title of the thesis or dissertation, and a one or two sentence description,
    • a statement assuring Insight Assessment that the faculty member takes responsibility, along with you, for the security of the testing materials and all the other conditions listed in the bullet points above,
    • an acknowledgment that the testing materials are protected by US and international copyright laws and are the intellectual and scholarly property of the copyright holders.
  • Insight Assessment will accept orders and credit card information, but we do not ship testing materials until the faculty member’s letter has been received.

Because testing tools sold through Insight Assessment are used for a variety of high stakes projects, test security is vitally important. The capacity of the user to correctly administer the testing instruments and to correctly interpret the data and scale scores is equally important for the quality of the finding. Thus, Insight Assessment reserves the right not to honor purchase or use requests. We do not sell or supply tests to graduate students for purposes of classroom psychometric or educational analysis, evaluation, or critique.

Insight Assessment reserves the right not to sell to individuals who are enrolled in degree programs which use our tools for high impact testing purposes, and not to sell to individuals who are employees of client organizations which use our tools for high impact testing purposes.

Information about scale structures and item responses is absolutely never provided. Researchers with projects requiring advanced statistical analyses may inquire about analyses provided by Insight Assessment through our Customized Assessment Reports services.

Library copies of filed dissertations or theses may not contain copies of testing instruments published by Insight Assessment / The California Academic Press. This restriction applies whether all or part of the instrument appears in the body of the dissertation or in the appendices of the dissertation. Library requests for exceptions to this policy must include the following language: “This agency guarantees that requests for permission to view, copy or abstract this dissertation will not include access to any copyrighted testing materials published by the California Academic Press.”

Dissertation Advisors / Committee Review or Institutional Review Board Committee Review: When either a doctoral advisor / committee or an IRB committee is reviewing a student’s dissertation proposal or an independent scholar’s research proposal, it is reasonable for the committee members to want to review the items in any surveys that will be given to the study participants.

Two online previews of the test instrument and a PDF copy of the Test Manual are included with the purchase of an instrument preview pack. You can make arrangements for authorized members of a review committee or IRB panel to use one of these previews to view the test in its entirety through our encrypted on-line e-testing system. We will provide special login/passwords for that purpose. If the IRB requires additional online previews, they can be purchased at the current research discount price. You will be charged for the number of views of the instrument which are used.

Doctoral students should also tell these committees that they must approve the instrument in its totality, as there is no possibility of editing or deleting individual questions or test items.
IRB Chairs and dissertation directors are invited to use the Contact Us Form or call 650-697-5628 if they wish to discuss this.

When filing your dissertation: It is not permitted to file a copy of the test instrument along with the dissertation unless the library will assure, in writing and under signature of the library director, that they will not distribute this copy as a part of the dissertation (not by digital scan nor by hard copy) even if it is requested by other scholars. To include one of our testing instruments or any of the items it contains in a copy of a dissertation which is then distributed to a third party is both a violation of copyright and a violation of the contractual agreement for protection of the instrument that is assumed by the user at purchase.

Discussing the instrument in your dissertation: You may include verbatim excerpts from the test manual, properly cited. You may also use one or more of the example items posted on our website to help your dissertation readers understand the nature of the instrument.

Publishing research papers from your studies that use one of our testing instruments: No actual test questions or test items from the instrument may be included within your publication. To include questions or items in a publication is both a violation of copyright and a violation of the contractual agreement for protection of the instrument that is assumed by the user at purchase. When discussing the instrument in your published paper, you may include verbatim excerpts from the test manual, properly cited. You may also use one or more of the example items posted on our website to help your reviewers and readers understand the nature of the instrument.

Our testing instruments are used for high impact testing in many settings around the world. When they are made available for purchase to doctoral students and independent scholars, the policy stated above is a condition of sale.

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