Do students need to practice for Insight Assessment critical thinking tests?

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Many high stakes assessments provided by Insight Assessment are not available for sale directly to individuals for self-assessment. If you are a representative of an agency, we will be happy to provide you information about products we might have available for your employee or trainee project.

Our assessments cannot be purchased to practice for an assessment that you have been assigned to take by your school, college, or employer.

If you are a prospective test taker, or the parent of a student who is scheduled to take one of our assessments, you might ask whether there is any needed test prep for yourself/your child. The assessments provided by Insight Assessment do not require that you invest in costly test prep services. All the instructions needed to complete the assessment will be provided by your school, college, or employer and also by the information in the assessment itself.

The assessment will capture how you think about, and practice, your thinking skills. If you have an interest in this topic, there are many free educational materials that discuss critical thinking. Some are posted on our website on the “Resources” tab. It is also possible to learn a bit more about critical thinking using our Personal Assessment tools (available on our app: Critical Thinking Insight). These self-assessments are not the same as the assessments we supply to schools, colleges and businesses, but they are a valid way for you to begin to learn about your critical thinking skills and mindset. And they provide some useful information about how to improve your skills, build a thinking mindset and understand your leadership potential.

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