Do students need to practice for Insight Assessment critical thinking tests?

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We do not offer test-prep or practice-test materials directly targeting any specific assessment.  Our high stakes assessments cannot be purchased by individuals to practice for one assigned by their school, college, or employer.

If you are a prospective test taker, or the parent of a student who is scheduled to take one of our assessments, you might be wondering about test prep for yourself/your child. The assessments provided by Insight Assessment do not require that you invest in costly test prep services.  All of our skills tests work this way: They invite the test-taker to apply their skills to scenarios that provide information.  Test-takers use their reasoning skills to then reach the best response from among those provided. No memorization of specialized content knowledge is required.  Login information and all the instructions needed to complete the assessment will be provided by your school, college, or employer.

We encourage everyone to build their critical thinking by using enduring educational tools like those available at INSIGHT BASECAMP There are Skill Builders, Mindset Boosters, Deep Dives, Quizzes and Surveys at INSIGHT BASECAMP. Their product descriptions tell which critical thinking skills, mindset attributes, or facet of human reasoning and decision-making each addresses. The innovative online personal development tools at INSIGHT BASECAMP were developed by Dr. Peter Facione, who is the lead author of many of our Insight Assessment critical thinking tests and surveys.  We want everyone to experience the many lifelong benefits of strong critical thinking.  No matter what the question, problem, or context might be, if we have the time to think, then strong critical thinking skills and positive critical thinking habits of mind enable us to make well-reasoned judgments about what to do and what to believe.

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The high stakes assessments provided by Insight Assessment to businesses, educational institutions, military and government agencies, or other organizational clients are not available for sale directly to individuals.  If you are a representative of an agency, contact us and we will be happy to assist you in identifying the assessment instrument that best fits your organization’s training or applicant assessment goals.





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