Cyber Security Starts With Critical Thinking

Cyber security starts with good critical thinking skills
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Strong thinking skills are required to outsmart malicious attacks

Vigilant and effective cyber security specialists have the critical thinking skills and mindset that enable them to anticipate and defend against internal and external threats. The challenges of working in these rapidly changing and complex fields require the ability to reason well in highly precise contexts as well as ambiguous and uncertain contexts, to ability to analyze problems and to evaluate alternatives, and the ability to explain clearly what needs to be done and why.  Applying these skills in a speedy, effective, logical and organized manner requires focus, resourcefulness, foresight, and responsiveness. 

Charged with protecting an organization’s data and information from threats ranging from competitors to WikiLeaks, these professionals need to be better hackers than the hackers they are trying to stop.

Strong Critical Thinking Enables Cyber Security Specialists

  • To apply quantitative and algorithmic skills

  • To make high stakes decisions about data security

  • To assess and manage technology risks

  • To plan, evaluate, and implement cyber security measures

  • To respond to security breaches/threats

  • To identify and integrate the latest security intelligence

  • To adapt systems to the constantly changing technological environment

  • To lead the deployment of prevention and technology recovery plans

  • To explain threats, options, plans, and progress to senior leadership and coworkers

Strong tools to assess high stakes decision skills for security professionals

Two members of the INSIGHT Suite of assessments of assessments are recommended to objectively measure the thinking attributes and reasoning skills needed by effective cyber security specialists at the executive, professional or staff levels. Clients using these instruments receive individual and group reports on multiple mindset attributes and reasoning skill metrics.  These data can be used to inform training programs, hiring and promotion decisions.:

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