Cultivating a Critical Thinking Mindset PDF

7 Critical Thinking Habits of Mind (Mindset)
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Peter A. Facione, Carol A. Gittens, Noreen C. Facione

Since the publication of the California Critical Thinking Disposition Inventory in 1992, our research team has often been asked what a person might do in order to develop strong critical thinking habits of mind. The answer, as it turns out, is both easier and more difficult than might at first be imagined. This essay offers specific suggestions – practices which can be incorporate into daily living.

After a quick summary of how education and socialization are used in the formation of character, the paper provides a summary analysis of the seven positive attributes which comprise the critical thinking mindset, a preliminary self-assessment tool which the ready may elect to use, a discussion distinguishing strong critical thinking from knowledge and then from ethics, and finally specific recommendations for building and sustaining all seven positive attributes of a strong critical thinker.

Permission is granted without charge for the non-commercial educational use of this paper with citation as indicated in the first note.

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