Critical Thinking Percentiles, Norms and Comparison Groups

graphic: Business Critical Thinking Skills Test percentiles
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Norm Referenced Scores

Norm-referenced scores are an important factor in interpreting assessment report data.

Comparison of individual and group percentile scores to a national sample of test-takers, similar to those assessed at your agency, allows you to demonstrate the strength of your students’ critical thinking skills against an external standard.

Norm-referenced scores demonstrate the value of education and training programs and often are the determining criterion for receipt of performance based public and private funding.

Comparison Percentile Scores

Insight Assessment’s comprehensive comparison percentile norms give our clients a powerful tool to evaluate the relative strength of the performance of their test-takers and to guide the creation of learning outcomes goals. Percentiles are reported for each individual tested and for the group overall. These percentile rankings indicate the strength of critical thinking skills when compared to a national sample of other similar student groups.

comparison percentile score is available for each of these Insight Assessment critical thinking skills tests:

Click on the Norms tab of any individual assessment page to see available external criterion groups for that instrument).

Insight Assessment’s critical thinking skills instruments have been used to assess critical thinking skills in hundreds of thousands of individuals, representing a wide variety of test-taker populations. There are many available comparison groups that can be applied to student and professional groups, allowing you to match your group to a national sample.

In rare cases, your testing group may be so unique that there is no available aggregate norm to use as a comparison group; in this case you may wish to have one created for you. The development of a custom comparison norm group for your sample is available as a custom assessment report option. Contact Insight Assessment for a quote on the cost of this service. 

Contact us to discuss how comparing your student scores to a national or regional comparison groups will add value to your assessment project.

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