Critical Thinking is Essential in Emergency Response

First responders problem-solving at an accident

Today first responders, public safety, and security personnel often are challenged to aid, serve, rescue, or protect in unpredictably difficult, complex, and high risk situations. 

Because even seemingly routine situations can quickly become explosive, to be effective in their work the heroic individuals who willingly risk their own safety to help others must have a positive thinking mindset and strong critical thinking skill set.

The mindset of effective first responders like firefighters, police officers and emergency medical technicians is one that propels them to carry out their duties with courage, resourcefulness, focus, and foresight.  To be effective these individuals must be mentally ready to respond to emergency situations as persons who are agentic, organized, team-oriented, unbiased, and calm under pressure.

A strong critical thinking skill set enables them to make good decisions in situations of risk and uncertainty as well as in situations requiring logical precision.  First responders, public safety, and security personnel must have the critical thinking skills to analyze problems, identify and evaluate options, and explain choices based on solid reasons and evidence.

Critical Thinking Enables First Responders, Public Safety, and Security Personnel to:

  • determine where their aid is most immediately neededhave the critical thinking skills to analyze problems, identify and evaluate options, and explain choices based on solid reasons and evidence.

  • deal in an unbiased and effective manner with people who may be highly emotional

  • defuse threatening situations legally, swiftly, and with minimal negative fallout

  • evaluate options, anticipating potential difficulties and reasonable solutions

  • objectively gather, document, and interpret information and evidence

  • plan, evaluate, and implement effective public safety and security measures

  • explain threats, options, plans, and progress to senior leadership and coworkers.

INSIGHT First Responder has been calibrated to objectively measure the mindset attributes and critical thinking skills that police, firefighters, EMT and other safety and security professionals need to carry out their duties to aid, serve, rescue or protect.

Questions and scenarios have been designed to challenge individuals to employ their reasoning skills to make decisions about the next steps to resolve a dilemma. Based on responses, INSIGHT First Responder identifies how decisions were made and measures the application of problem solving skills. Strengths and weaknesses are clearly reported for key aspects of decision making. 

The INSIGHT suite of business assessment instruments provides an array of testing tools to objectively measure mindset and reasoning skills needed by professionals at the executive, professional, and staff levels in the Business, Health Science, Science and Engineering, Law and Defense fields.  Clients using these instruments receive individual and group reports on multiple mindset attributes and reasoning skill metrics.  These data can be used to inform training programs, hiring and promotion decisions.  

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