Critical Thinking in Quantitative Contexts

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Numeracy is essential in our data-driven world for everyone who hopes to be successful in the workplace, to achieve academically, to be an engaged citizen, and to make thoughtful and well supported decisions based on relevant quantitative information.

Educators and employers prize the ability to think critically in all contexts, including quantitative.  Insight Assessment proudly offers a measure of numeracy on our critical thinking skills tests along with full range of traditional metrics (analysis, inference, evaluation, deduction, induction and others). 

For students at colleges and universities, this includes our assessments for undergraduate and graduate level students across the disciplines and professional programs.  For working professionals, this includes the INSIGHT Series for Business, Health, Educators, Defense, Science & Engineering. For elementary, middle, and high school students, this includes the EDUCATE INSIGHT series for grades 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12. 

Contact us for an elegant and complete solution to the assessment of critical thinking.   

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