Critical Thinking in K-12 Schools and Districts

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Critical thinking is the key to educational success.

  • This is not news to K-12 educators or parents. But did you know that students’ scores in critical thinking and problem solving are strongly related to end of year standardized test scores? K-12 students possessing strength in critical thinking are better equipped to solve problems, to understand and to integrate content material, and to achieve in school. And that achievement prepares them for tomorrow.

How confident are you that K-12 students are developing the thinking they will need to be successful academically and in their future lives?

  • Engaging problems and making decisions using critical thinking involves both skills and habits of mind.  That’s why K-12 schools and academies of all kinds — independent, charter, public, private — are now gathering solid assessment evidence on this key learning outcome.
  • Your confidence in student’s growth and achievement depends on the quality of the evidence. And that depends on the quality of the measurement tool.

EDUCATE INSIGHT is a comprehensive critical thinking assessment program for K-12 education.

EDUCATE INSIGHT is designed to offer a full range of proven multilingual critical thinking test instruments which have been designed specifically to measure the core thinking skills and learning mindset of elementary and high school students.

  • The comprehensive reports for Insight Assessment’s skills assessments include individual and group results on an array of reasoning skill scales including quantitative reasoning.  Our thinking attributes assessments provide high quality objective metrics on student strengths and weaknesses in mental disciplines including learning orientation, mental focus and creative problem solving.

For more than thirty years Insight Assessment has provided validated and objective assessments of critical thinking. Our well-researched test instruments are used throughout the United States and in authorized translations around the world. Insight Assessment tests are being used today internationally at American and European schools, in Arabic translations in the Middle East, and in unified school districts. Contact us today.

Are students willing and able to think?

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