Critical Thinking in Health Care and Health Sciences

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Agencies responsible for the accreditation of professional training programs and for the oversight of health care delivery have mandated the demonstration of competent clinical reasoning.

Successful healthcare organizations prioritize improving reasoning skills and mindset attributes throughout their organization.  They have learned that unreflective accumulation of experience does not naturally lead to better thinking.  Progress in clinical reasoning requires a direct focus on the critical thinking processes used to interpret, analyze, infer, evaluate, and explain what is going on.

Many health science centers now demand strength in critical thinking of their graduates, new hires and current staff.

They need skilled individuals with the professional mindset and reasoning skills to deliver quality care across clinical specialties. They invest in developing employees with the work ethic and problem solving skills to support their health care mission.

They use our assessment instruments, hiring tools, and the Insight Development Program to strengthen hiring and admissions decisions, assist with curriculum development and program accreditation, and improve retention and licensure rates. Strength in critical thinking skills and mindset attributes predicts a successful transition to the workplace, leadership potential and risk management.

Insight Assessment provides the world’s leading tools for measuring critical thinking in health care students and professionals.

Working with leading health scientists, practicing health care professionals, policy makers, researchers and educators, Insight Assessment testing specialists have designed tests specifically for health science professionals, workers and students.   Our assessment tools are designed to apply key theoretical concepts to practical operational contexts.

Assessments for Health Science Professionals

Successful organizations are built on talent

Your employment or candidate evaluation processes will be greatly enhanced by the capacity to identify applicants who have the desire and skills to think and solve problems. Our reports and analytics provide comprehensive metrics on individual and group strengths and weaknesses. We specialize in multiyear assessment data collection and interpretation.  Our Customized Assessment Reports service, which includes consultation on the interpretation of test results and customized comparison group benchmarking, can further enhance this vital organizational capacity. Your decision to use these powerful, research-based measurement tools is a high-impact low-cost investment in increased efficiency and effectiveness of your organization.

Our health science clients integrate INSIGHT Development Program into new or existing continuing education training programs. This series of online, self-paced modules target the improvement of reasoning skills and thinking mindsets that predict clinical success. Objective assessments of individual and group strengths provide validated measures of progress.

Over the past few years our products have become integral to the admission/assessment of students and working professionals in health science education programs and medical centers.

Insight Assessment is particularly proud of the contribution our products are making to assist health science educators.  We reach across all of the specialties. We supply our products to clients in business, education, government, defense, law and the health science throughout the Unites Stated and, increasingly, internationally.  Our assessment and development solutions are being used by to predict success, evaluate candidates, support professional development and foster a culture of thoughtful problem solving and decision making

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