Critical Thinking Importance Seen in Research Studies

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PAEA Faculty Generated Research Grant Awarded

Insight Assessment offers our congratulations to Tony Miller, MEd and Jayne Brahler, PhD. They are the winners of the Physician Assistant Education Association (PAEA) 2017 Faculty Generated Research Grant.

They will be using the Health Science Reasoning Test (HSRT) to gain insight into the most effective teaching approaches for fostering the growth of Physician Assistant students’ critical thinking skills.

This data could help educators to implement learning experiences that encourage active learning and foster critical thinking. The goal is to prepare PA students to be become competent, collaborative practitioners.  As practitioners, they must be capable of managing the medical situations they will encounter in clinical practice.

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Education to Cultivate the Ability to Think Critically

Miller and Brahler stated “We are essentially asking if the role of PA education is not as much to disseminate facts to our students but rather to cultivate the student’s ability to think critically or exercise clinical reasoning.

After all, critical thinking forms the cornerstone of professional judgment—so for students pursuing careers in medical fields, development of higher-order critical thinking skills is crucial.

We are asking if our assessments for the PA students are actually assessments of the students’ critical thinking ability. And, if one follows this line of thinking, it is natural to ask in one pedagogical approach is better at developing critical thinking abilities when tested side by side with others.”

More about the Health Science Reasoning Test (HSRT)

Insight Asssessment Health Science Reasoning Test (HSRT)The HSRT is widely used by researchers to study the relationship of critical thinking and clinical reasoning, to evaluate the effectiveness of programs training programs critical thinking, and to predict licensure.

We look forward to working with Tony Miller, MEd and Jayne Brahler, PhD.

We take pride in the role our critical thinking assessments play in research studies. We are excited to clarify the best methodology for teaching human reasoning and decision making. Contact us to learn more about our internal grant programs.

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