Critical Thinking Assessment: Keys & Strategies Course

Measure what matters: Critical Thinking skills and mindset
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Keys & Strategies Course Assessment

The Keys & Strategies course pack includes an online personal assessment of critical thinking.  This research-based, validated assessment provides an opportunity for each student to document their strengths and identify areas for growth.  

Comprehensive Individual reports help students see why strength in critical thinking is personally important to them.  Instructors will receive group reports of student performance on the Keys & Strategies assessment to demonstrate student achievement and curriculum effectiveness.

Critical Thinking Keys: 8 Thinking Mindset Metrics 

  • Truth-seeking: The courage to follow reasons and evidence wherever they lead
  • Organized: Being systematic about problem solving and decision-making
  • Open-mindedness: A willingness to consider a variety of alternative opinions
  • Judgment: The expectation of making timely, well-considered judgments
  • Foresight: A consistent effort to anticipate consequences
  • Honorable: The expectation of behaving honestly and speaking truthfully
  • Confidence in Reasoning: A disciplined trust and reliance on well-reasoned judgment
  • Inventive: The drive to respond creatively to emerging opportunities and risks

Critical Thinking Strategies: 6 Thinking Skills Metrics

  • Reasoning with Uncertainty: Reasoning well when complete and unambiguous knowledge is not possible
  • Reasoning with Precision: Drawing logical conclusions given rigorously specific rules and exact information
  • Analytical Reasoning: Identifying the problem at hand by its elements and their relationships
  • Evaluative Reasoning: Judging the quality of reasons and the credibility of claims
  • Quantitative Reasoning: Numeracy, applying critical thinking in quantitative informational contexts
  • CT Strategies Overall Score: Strength in sustained, focused, and integrative use of critical thinking skills to determine what to believe or what to do.

All of these skills and mindset attributes are addressed in the Keys & Strategies Critical Thinking Learning Modules. The modules provide a very rich explanation of each component of strong thinking as well as active learning exercised designed to build these qualities in your trainees.

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