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Insight Assessment offers many support services to assist clients in making critical thinking assessment and development processes seamless and effective.

Experience Counts:

For over thirty-five years we have provided on-site consultants and workshop presenters to hundreds of businesses, academic institutions, government agencies, schools, universities and to healthcare and military organizations.

Along with questions about best practices for assessment and score reporting, clients most frequently ask how to build the reasoning We also respond to questions about best practices for assessment and score reporting.

Phone Consultations

Our in-house analysts consult with the client’s designated representatives by phone or email on specifics including;

  • Tips on how to interpret an individual’s score report
  • Suggestion on how to talk with a test-taker about their strengths and weaknesses
  • Recommendations on the best ways to utilize our Insight Basecamp professional development mini-courses.
  • Assistance with adding and wording the optional client-specific demographic items
  • Customized statistical analyses of group scores.

On-site Presentations and Workshops

On-site presentations and workshops, specifically tailored to the client organization’s project, are provided by the internationally renowned experts at Measured Reasons.

We can facilitate booking three levels of on-site engagement.

  • “Critical Thinking for Success” — A 60-90-minute, large group keynote style presentation focusing on the what and why of critical thinking in the client’s industry sector.
  • “My Critical Thinking Strategies” – A one-day interactive workshop for 30-100 participants focusing on how to engage critical thinking in our day-to-day responsibilities.
  • “Critical Thinking Deep Dive” – A three-day interactive workshop event, for up to 25 key organization thought-leaders. This event focuses on how to motive and engage individuals and groups in the organization to develop and to apply critical thinking in their decision-making and problem-solving.  This Train-the-Trainer workshop address not only the content associated with strong critical thinking, but, more importantly, the methods of engaging and strengthening critical thinking skills and positive mindset attributes.

Sampling of what our clients have said about Measured Reasons’ on-site presentations and workshops:

  • “Very engaging by using videos, exercises, and especially de-briefing afterwards to lock in that “aha” moment.”
  • “The material was very helpful to understanding the Critical Thinking mindset and reasoning skills.  Dr. Facione and Dr. Gittens were very personable, respectful, professional, and used a variety of useful strategies to encourage participation.”
  • “I would recommend a similar workshop to those that are serious about improving their skill.  …those that are serious will find it to be extremely valuable.”

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