Critical Thinking Competency for STEM Learning

The STEM learning environment is a critical thinking strategy for making the generation of new knowledge possible.

Integrated STEM programs (Sciences, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) engage students in integrated learning about the world. Through the integration of core content and practice skills from these disciplines in the context of emerging technological capabilities, students of all ages find ways to apply critical thinking to situations and real world problems. STEM programs seek to develop more effective, elegant, scientifically based, and technologically sound methods and innovative solutions. New knowledge is needed at an increasing rate in our rapidly evolving technological and global society.

The critical thinking skills which STEM programs develop are analysis, interpretation, inference, evaluation, explanation and self-reflection. These core skills as well as numeracy are vital for solving today’s complex problems. 

The critical thinking mindset which motivates students to apply these skills is grounded in central scientific values such as truth-seeking, curiosity, open-mindedness, and maturity of judgment.

STEM programs challenge students to assess, interpret and apply relevant information to identify and implement innovative solutions. Development of strong critical thinking and problem solving skills is an important STEM learning outcome.

Insight Assessment offers a suite of validated critical thinking assessments for children and K-12 students and for college and university students. Insight Assessment K-12 and college level tools are standardized, objective measures of critical thinking skills and mindsets that use scenarios that are familiar and age-appropriate.   Many STEM programs use our specialized critical thinking plus numeracy assessments include a measure of the ability to make well-reasoned judgments derived from quantitative information in a variety of contexts.

Insight Assessment individual and group reports provide comprehensive analytics on the strengths and weakness on essential elements of critical thinking skills and mindset that are key predictors of student success. Insight Assessment offers the industry’s most complete and cost-effective array of multilingual testing options including: app based, browser based, as well as traditional paper-and-pencil solutions.

Contact us to see why our clients rely on our assessments to provide objective data for selective admissions, accreditation and documentation of student learning outcomes.

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