Critical Thinking Assessment and Development Excellence

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Tools to assess and improve critical thinking

At Insight Assessment, we assist our clients in achieving their critical thinking goals.

Accessible assessment interfaces and targeted test instruments provide relevant and actionable metrics.

These become the foundation for validated development programs to improve critical thinking throughout your entire enterprise.

An array of thinking skills and mindset assessments is available, electronically, worldwide in English and translations. Assessments have been tailored for numerous businesses including healthcare organizations; science, engineering and law firms; military and government branches. Additionally, there are assessments used by educators at every level, K through post-graduate.

The INSIGHT Development Program is a comprehensive approach towards strengthening your executive and employee decision-making and problem-solving. Online modules, featuring workplace examples, guide individuals and teams toward the continued improvement of their critical thinking skills and mindset attributes.

Call or contact us to design solutions that integrate with your goals toward advancing critical thinking.

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