Critical Thinking and Reading Initiatives

young student in classroom

The relationship between critical thinking and reading is vitally important.

If you are trying to improve reading readiness, researching how children learn to read, trying to improve reading comprehension or assessing support programs for at-risk students, critical thinking should be a major component of your initiatives.

Critical thinking is widely recognized as an essential educational outcome.

Critical thinking is also key to reading well. Comprehending fictional and informational texts requires critical thinking skills. Skillful readers analyze text, draw conclusions about meaning, evaluate the credibility of sources, interpret new words, and are able to explain the content; they are inquisitive and open-minded about the ideas presented and motivated to evaluate their merit. Strong readers do more than read the text; they apply their critical thinking skills to understanding it.

Assessment will be central as you quantify gains and benefits in your reading initiatives.

As educators and research scientists, Insight Assessment wants to support your work.

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