Credibility Test to Help Identify Fake News

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Today’s news is filled with widespread discussion about fake news and media sources.  This highlights the importance of teaching and using critical thinking skills to evaluate information we are all receiving from online and social media sources. As part of our commitment to the fostering good thinking skills, Insight Assessment invited Peter Facione, Measured Reasons, to contribute a guest blog about improving media literacy. 

In his guest blog post, Peter Facione, internationally known expert in critical thinking, focuses on 10 Ways to Spot Fake NewsThe essay features a Credibility Test which provides 10 questions to evaluate & analyze explanations, reasons and evidence for sources of information using critical thinking skills. A complimentary PDF of the essay is also available on the site.

Facione emphasizes the importance of being skeptical about information we consume online, checking the credibility of sources before we pass along something we heard at work or saw on the internet or in our social media feeds.  We encourage you to share the blog post widely.

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