Can your tools help us evaluate candidates from other countries?

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Yes. Insight Assessment is a global leader in the assessment of thinking skills and reasoning mindset. We have developed our online tools to support a complete multiple language test taker experience. Our clients benefit from our ability to provide language flexibility in the assessment instruments and in the test taker interface (TTI).

Insight Assessment test instruments are currently being used by universities, hospitals, businesses, government agencies, researchers and K-12 schools in over sixty nations and twenty languages throughout the world.

  • Many of our  test instruments, including the California Critical Thinking Skills Test, Test of Everyday Reasoning and the California Critical Thinking Disposition Inventory are used successfully in the admission process to assess not only the thinking skills but also the thinking and learning attributes of prospective students at the high school as well as the university level–in English or in the students native language.
  • Multinational corporations use translations of our business test instruments to evaluate job candidates or for professional development purposes.
  • Public, private and international K-12 schools use translated versions of our assessments for children and adolescents.

We specialize in high quality culturally-appropriate translations of our copyright-protected, research-based tools. Each of our authorized translations is designed to match its English equivalent as a measurement tool and to be sensitive to cultural differences.

Contact us to discuss your specific language needs.

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What makes Insight Assessment a global leader in the assessment of thinking skills and reasoning mindset

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