Can your business tests help my recruiting firm identify higher quality candidates for my clients?
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Yes.  You receive a profile of each candidate’s thinking skills and habits of mind as related to their potential for success on the job.  You and your clients can establish threshold expectation levels based on our recommended qualitative categorizations or on the particular needs and experiences of your clients.

Insight Assessment has specially calibrated test instruments to measure the reasoning skills and mindsets required for every level of business and corporate success:

INSIGHT Executive
INSIGHT Business Professional
INSIGHT Business Staff

The  INSIGHT suite of professional thinking tests includes assessments designed for Business, Health, Defense, First Responder, Government/Law, and Science/Engineering. INSIGHT assesses decision-making skills and thinking mindset attributes in potential hires and employees at all levels of your organization.

Contact Us to discuss how your recruiting firm can present candidates with documented  strengths and weaknesses in the reasoning skills required for success.

Hiring Firms Profit from Thinking Metrics

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