Can we compare our results to national samples?

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Yes, group and individual comparison percentile scores on Insight Assessment critical thinking skills tests can be benchmarked against national comparison groups.  We offer national benchmark norms for educational levels ranging from K-12 through college and post-graduate.

 A  comparison percentile score is available for each of these critical thinking skills tests (CCTST, TER,   HSRT, BCTST and  CCT-G835.  (Click on the Norms tab of any individual assessment page to see available external criterion groups for that instrument). Percentiles are reported for each individual tested and for the group overall. These percentile rankings indicate the strength of critical thinking skills when compared to a national sample of other similar student groups.

For further information, please see Percentiles, Norms and Comparison Groups

Contact one of our senior assessment specialists to discuss the availability of regional and profession specific comparison groups.

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