Can testing employees for honesty reduce shrink?

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Prescreening employees for honesty is an important way to reduce risk.

HONESTY is critical for customer relations and effective teams. Honesty, trustworthiness, integrity, ethics, truthfulness and respect for property are non-negotiable. INSIGHT assessments provide objective measures of honesty as well as commitment, dedication, tolerance, and other attributes that are valued by employers and customers. 

Shrink is rarely totally eliminated but the best employees have fewer issues and will assist our clients to diligently monitor customer theft. Employees with stronger thinking skills and the desire to do a good job will be the best line of defense against shrink. INSIGHT assessments are calibrated to objectively measure the nuances of how the honesty attribute is manifested throughout your organization.  Our assessment tools help our clients out perform their competition in managing shrink.

 INSIGHT Business Staff and INSIGHT Support include a specific measurements of honesty as well as job commitment, dependability and five additional mindsets.

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