Can I test my own or my child’s critical thinking?


For reasons of test security and to protect the testing programs of our institutional and industry clients, we restrict purchase of certain of our testing products to qualified professionals and researchers as indicated on our website. However we do offer a line of personal assessments for adults and children.

The Insight Assessment app, Critical Thinking Insightincludes sample thinking skills and mindset questions plus a variety of in app purchasable personal critical thinking assessments for children and adults. These reasoning skills tests and mindset evaluation tools are based on the employment and educational tests Insight Assessment provides to businesses, health care agencies, colleges and high schools around the world. This is the first time these kinds of quality instruments are available as self tests.

Download from your app store. Individual report provide scores, qualitative interpretations of each scale and personalized suggestions on how to improve your thinking.

Sample college level critical thinking skills questions and thinking mindset attributes items are available in the Resources on our website.

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