Can I purchase a copy of your test for our library?

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For reasons of test security and to protect the testing programs of our institutional and industry clients, Insight Assessment restricts purchase of certain of our testing products to qualified professionals and researchers as indicated on our website. 

We do not permit our secure testing instruments to be included in library collections. However, you may wish to purchase the Test Manual for one or more tests.  These documents describe the instrument, its development, validity and application, and they may be included in library collections.

Library copies of filed dissertations or theses may not contain copies of testing instruments published by Insight Assessment / The California Academic Press. This restriction applies whether all or part of the instrument appears in the body of the dissertation or in the appendices of the dissertation. Library requests for exceptions to this policy must include the following language: “This agency guarantees that requests for permission to view, copy or abstract this dissertation will not include access to any copyrighted testing materials published by the California Academic Press.”

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