Can I preview an assessment before purchase?

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Representatives of educational institutions, employers, researchers, government agencies, etc. can preview any of our high impact assessment products prior to making a decision to adopt the instrument.

Previews are provide to clients through the electronic testing system. By entering a provided preview assess code and password, the client can view the assessment just as it will be viewed by the candidate. The preview includes full information about the assessment instrument, its administration and examples of the assessment report provided (digital user guide). Even if you eventually decide to administer an assessment in paper and pencil format, we will provide your preview of the instrument through the electronic system.

Previews are sold only to qualified agency representatives.  If consideration of the adoption will be made by a committee or several individuals, talk with our customer service agents about setting up the preview to fit your needs. Doctoral students can also apply to preview assessment instruments: see Doctoral Dissertation Research Pricing for more information.

Personal assessments for adults and children can be purchased by anyone who would like to assess their own critical thinking. Each assessment is sold separately, and although previews are not available, sample questions are included with the free app download: Critical Thinking Insight.

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