Business Problem Solving and Thinking Skills

Business Professionals Think Together
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Business success and the quality of employee thinking are inextricably linked. 

Businesses are impacted every day by the cumulative effect of the way their employees make decisions and solve problems. Progress and growth result from good decision-making; bad decision-making causes failures.  Many little bad decisions can be as catastrophic as a single poorly reasoned decision at the top level.

If you have been asking yourself whether you will see immediate value from an initiative to strengthen critical thinking in new hires or current employees, consider how critical thinking is applied on the job:

  • Diagnosing: workplace problems

  • Evaluating possible solutions

  • Analyzing emergent conditions

  • Planning long term strategies for growth

  • Evaluating relevant research

  • Communicating effectively with customers

  • Coordinating team efforts

  • Understanding implications of actions taken

  • Interpreting, analyzing and explaining risks

  • Anticipating action-related complications

  • Hiring and promoting leaders

  • Analyzing staffing needs

  • Explaining policy and protocols

  • Preventing errors of omission

  • Designing evaluation programs

  • Allocating resources

  • Using and managing information systems

Whether you are hiring 10, 50 or 1,000 new staff, INSIGHT Business has an assessment solution that will make your job easier—and provide you with a new employee pool that can support the growth of your company—because you only should interview, hire and promote the best thinkers in the pool.

INSIGHT: Hiring the best thinkers

18 Examples of Using Critical Thinking in Business

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