Assessing Transfer Students

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Optimize admissions by integrating measures that identify students in need of learning support programs. Early intervention increases transfer student success. Transfer students who possess strength in critical thinking are better equipped to make life transitions, and to benefit from and complete your educational programs.

Insight Assessment offers a comprehensive array of test instruments including critical thinking skills and attributes assessments.  Scores on each instrument can be benchmarked against national norm comparison groups to assess the student’s potential to complete their selected program of study.

  • 4 year colleges and universities: At least 30% of all college students transfer to a different school at some point in their undergraduate experience. Colleges and universities benefit by identifying and accepting only those students who have the critical thinking skills required for degree completion. Admitting students who have the strongest potential to learn improves retention and increases graduation rates. College Student Success (CSS)is an objective, nationally normed test calibrated to target the specific reasoning skills and personal mindset known to be predictive of success as a college level transfer or re-entry student,
  • International and multicultural students: Assessing critical thinking skills allows comparison of students from different educational systems to your current students. It also provides a key predictor of student success. Our test instruments are available in over 30 languages to minimize concerns about English as a second language performance.
  • Professional degree programs:  Use the Health Sciences Reasoning Test, Business Critical Thinking Skills Testor Legal Studies Reasoning Profile to pretest internal and transfer students to identify applicants who have the motivation and thinking skills to do advanced studies.  Post-testing programs document that students are graduating with the critical thinking skills required to succeed in their field.
  • Adult Learners/Returning Veterans: When transfer applicants don’t have recent coursework, an individual report of a potential student’s reasoning skills and attributes provides valuable data for your admissions and placement decisions.

Talk with us today about convenient and cost effective online assessment of your transfer applicants to boost both your admissions and academic support programs.


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