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Think Critically about Accreditation. 

If you are considering assessing critical thinking as part of your accreditation process, Insight Assessment can be of great assistance. For three decades we have supported successful regional and professional school critical thinking projects throughout your accreditation region and nationally. 

Our clients select Insight Assessment because we provide the highest quality assessment instrumentation, institutional level and profession-specific benchmarking, demographic data integration, individual and group score reporting, and expert data analysis services that accreditation site visit teams have come to trust. 

Our interactive report generation system, along with the versatility of our testing interface, enables you to provide separate group reports for each academic unit.  And, of course, individual reports for your students so that they can augment their employment or academic portfolios with objective documentation of their critical thinking.

Critical thinking is one learning outcome everyone can support. Insight Assessment is the world leading provider of critical thinking assessment tools. Contact us today for a free and highly competitive price quote. You will be happy that you did.  

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